How to Do Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

So, you’re a real estate agent looking to boost your online presence through effective social media marketing for real estate. Social media marketing is essential, but who has the time between showing houses, doing paperwork, and meeting with clients? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

We’ll walk you through the basics of social media marketing for real estate agents and give you some easy tips to get started. Before you know it, you’ll have new leads and more people around town recognizing your name and face. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. 

With the right strategy and tools, you can do effective social media marketing for your real estate business in 15-30 minutes daily. Sound good? Then, let’s dive in!

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts for Real Estate

To effectively market real estate on social media, you must set up dedicated accounts.

  1. Create business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for your social media marketing for real estate efforts. These are the primary platforms where people search for properties and real estate agents. Make sure to use the same profile name and image across all accounts to be easily recognizable.
  1. Share high-quality listing photos and videos. Post eye-catching images of properties you have listed for sale or rent. Also, share walkthrough videos to give people a better sense of the space. Engaging visual content will capture attention and drive traffic to your website.
  1. Post regularly and be active in the comments. Aim for 2-3 weekly social posts promoting your services, listings, and local neighborhood events. Respond quickly to any comments or questions. Staying active and engaged will raise your visibility and build new connections.
  1. Optimize your profiles. Your bio is prime real estate for highlighting your expertise in social media marketing for real estate. Choose a professional headshot photo and cover image for each account. Write an exciting bio highlighting your experience, credentials, and the areas you serve. Include keywords like “real estate agent,” “Realtor,” “homes for sale,” and your location. 
  1. Cross-promote across platforms. Share identical posts, photos, and updates across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, expanding your content to the broadest possible audience and helping establish your brand. Just be sure to tailor the wording and hashtags for each network.

With the right social media strategy for real estate, you’ll build new relationships, increase brand awareness, and drive more leads and sales. The time you invest will pay off through a thriving digital presence.

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles for Real Estate Marketing

It would help if you optimized your profiles to attract real estate clients on social media. Make them visually appealing and packed with helpful information.

Focus on professional photos.

Use eye-catching yet professional photos of properties you’ve sold, your team, your office space, or city skylines. Avoid casual selfies. High-quality images make a memorable first impression.

Craft a compelling bio

Your bio is prime real estate – use it well! Mention your experience, credentials, specialties, and the value you provide to clients. Share your unique story and passion for the work. Keep it authentic yet concise.

Highlight your listings

Prominently feature photos and details of properties you currently have for sale or rent. Cross-promote on multiple platforms, giving visitors a glimpse of your properties and services.

Share industry knowledge

Establish yourself as an expert by posting news, tips, and insights about the local market and real estate. For example, changes in interest rates, new developments coming to an area, and information for homebuyers. Keep content positive, helpful, and solution-focused.

Engage with your followers

Like and comment on other people’s posts. Reply to comments on your posts. Ask open-ended questions to spark discussion. Thank people for their likes, shares, and follows. Engagement builds connections and loyalty.

With a social media strategy tailored for real estate, you’ll build your online reputation, connect with more clients, and sell more properties. Keep experimenting to see what resonates most with your audience. With time and consistency, you’ll gain momentum.

Create Engaging Content to Share on Social Media

To build an audience and engage potential clients on social media, you must create and share content that people will find interesting and helpful. Here are some tips for real estate social media content:

Focus on Video

Video is highly engaging on social media, particularly in social media marketing for real estate. Create short video walkthroughs of listings, video tips for homebuyers or sellers, quick community overviews, or behind-the-scenes footage of your work. Keep videos under 2 minutes for the best engagement.

Share Local Insights

Post about things that make your community unique, a tactic for successful social media marketing for real estate.

Educate Your Followers

Explain aspects of the home buying or selling process, an essential component of social media marketing for real estate. This helpful information builds your authority and trustworthiness.

Highlight Listings

Share photos, details, and videos of properties you have listed for sale. This exposure can attract interested buyers and get more eyes on the listing.

Engage with Your Audience

Like and reply to comments on your posts. Ask open-ended questions to start conversations. Run social media contests and giveaways. All of these tactics boost engagement and build your following.

Use Hashtags

For real estate listings, this means tagging the city and neighborhood where the property is located, a vital part of social media marketing for real estate. Include relevant location hashtags like #DenverRealEstate or #SeattleHomes and industry hashtags like #RealtorLife or #RealEstateAgent. 

Post Regularly and Consistently

Aim for at least 1-3 social media posts per day to stay top of mind with your followers and keep them engaged. Use a social media scheduling tool to plan and automate posts in advance. 

With valuable and engaging social media content, you’ll build trust and authority in your local real estate market, attract new clients, and keep your current clients returning.

Use Hashtags and Location Tagging to Expand Your Reach

Social media platforms make expanding your reach and connecting with potential clients outside your local area easy. Using hashtags and location tagging strategically can increase engagement and get more eyes on your listings.

Use Popular Hashtags

Search for hashtags frequently used by others in your local real estate market, like #yourcityrealestate or #yourcityhomesforsale. Also, include nationwide real estate hashtags like #realestate, #homeforsale, and #househunting. These popular tags will expose your posts to many more people.

Whenever you share a listing on social media, include several relevant hashtags in the caption or first comment. For example, you could use #luxuryrealestate, #condoforsale, and #milliondollarlisting for a luxury condo. The more targeted hashtags you use, the more likely people interested in that property type or price range will discover your post.

Geotag Your Location

You can add location tagging or geotagging to your posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Enabling location tagging will attach the location where the photo or video was taken to your post. This means tagging the city and neighborhood where the property is located for real estate listings.

Geotagging does two essential things:

  1. It will make your post visible to people viewing that location or who have expressed interest in that neighborhood. Someone searching for homes for sale in that area may discover your listing through the geotag.
  1. It establishes you as an expert in that local market. People looking to buy or sell in that location will recognize you as an active, knowledgeable agent. Over time, this can build your credibility and authority in that area.

Using strategic hashtags and geotagging your listings are easy ways to cast a wider net and reach new potential clients interested in social media marketing for real estate. Combine these tactics with an active, consistent social media presence, and you’ll expand your influence quickly!

Analyze Your Results and Adjust Your Strategy

Once you’ve implemented your social media marketing strategy for a few months, it’s time to analyze how it’s working and make any needed changes. Key metrics will show you what’s effective and what isn’t, allowing you to optimize your efforts.

Check your follower growth across platforms. Are people engaging with your content? If change is slow, try running a contest or giveaway to increase interest. Make sure you’re posting helpful info for your target audience.


See how many likes, comments, shares, and clicks your posts get. High engagement means you’re creating content people want to interact with. Low engagement could indicate boring or irrelevant content. Ask followers what they want to see more of. Try post types like live videos, stories, reels, or IGTV.


See if your social media efforts drive people to your website or property listings. Use URL shorteners or UTM campaign links to track traffic from each network if traffic is low, re-share content on multiple platforms, or improve your call-to-action. Mention your website and listings in posts and profiles.

Leads & Sales

The ultimate goal is to generate new leads and sales. Track how many come through social media and optimize appropriately. If leads are low, focus on the top-performing platforms and double down on the content and strategies working best. Re-target people who engage with your posts to keep your brand in mind.

Make Changes

Look for opportunities to improve underperforming areas. Try new networks, update your profile and cover images, test different content types, or run a social media contest. Minor tweaks can make a big difference. Review analytics regularly and optimize your social media marketing for real estate to maximize results.

Your Path to Real Estate Prosperity

Social media marketing for real estate isn’t rocket science when you follow the right strategy and consistency. So now you’re armed with some social media marketing tips and tricks specifically for real estate pros. 

The key is to be authentic, provide value, engage your audience, and have fun. Social media is meant to be social, after all. Don’t overcomplicate things or try too hard to sell – show your knowledge and passion for the industry. Start building those connections and relationships. Keep posting great content. Respond to comments and messages. And remember the power of hashtags. 

Before you know it, you’ll have new clients contacting you and a vibrant online community supporting your business. As we said earlier, Real estate social media marketing is not complicated. With the right mindset and consistency, you’ve got this in social media marketing for real estate.

Are you eager to enhance your real estate business using the potential of social media marketing for real estate? RealEst Creatives is your trusted partner in boosting your online presence and growing your leads. We’re here to help you navigate the world of strategic marketing. Contact us for a one-on-one consultation and embark on your journey towards a prosperous digital future.